Vampire King of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands

It is true. As vampires we have the power to glamour and seduce but we are all still subject to the rules of attraction.

Clips from the film The Rules of Attraction featuring the character Paul Denton to the soundtrack of Diplomat’s Son by Vampire Weekend off their sophomore album Contra.

The Rules of Attraction is a 2002 satirical dark comedy film directed by Roger Avary, based on the novel of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis. It stars James van der Beek, Shannyn Sossamon, Ian Somerhalder, Jessica Biel, and Kip Pardue.

The film takes place at the fictional Camden College, a liberal arts school in northeastern New Hampshire.

A little off theme for my page maybe but not really if you consider that the name of the band that performs the soundtrack is Vampire Weekend and the actor who plays Paul Denton - Ian Somerhalder plays the vampire Damon Salvatore in the TV series The Vampire Diaries.

I cannot enter unless you let me in. One of the most well known limitations of a vampire is the inability to enter a dwelling without invitation. My maker told me many centuries ago how this came to be. I’ve always thought she made it up but now I’m starting to think there might be something to it.

Little Abby here reminds me of my own maker.

Most vampires aren’t as night loving as they seem. Most of us come to love the night out of necessity. We learn to hate that which is now our most powerful enemy and weapon against us… the sun. But we all somewhere deep inside us long to feel its warmth on our skin again without pain; the way a human feels it and takes it for granted. If I had one wish before I was turned it would have been to watch the sun rise as a human one last time; to savor its light and warmth and save that memory for an eternity. I honestly don’t remember what it feels like.

When I was a young vampire it was said that fairy blood could give a vampire the light of day again. But even then so long ago fairies were a endangered species of supernatural being. By the time I was half as old as I am now they were thought to be extinct. My maker told me that she knew two who had human parents. I always thought she made it up. I never fully understood what she meant until centuries later.

I wish I could step out into the sunlight and glisten instead of burn. And at my age it wouldn’t take long at full exposure. To break through the daylight barrier would be glorious. It would be sublime.

Sam and Daphne - The delicate romance between two shifters… love and betrayal.

The soundtrack to a relationship I had a very long time ago with a human.

Lorena is an old acquaintance of mine. It sad to see her go through all that pain but as the young vampire says it’s all pain that she has inflicted upon herself. This isn’t the first time she’s been through this with one of her progeny either. The last time didn’t end well. Unrequited love is very much like walking on broken glass.

I knew the late sheriff of Area 9, Texas. He was one of the greatest vampires I have ever known. Goodbye Godric. This is for you.

A little more about me… my palace

I took a considerable break from all of this to deal with some in-house problems. So this blog had to be put on hold until they were all sorted. I’ll tell you later about that mess. Anyway, in my absence some of you have been asking me via twitter (@King_of_Jamaica) for more info on who I am. Well as I said, I’m a modern vampire in the city, hunting blood… Hmmm. Besides being king of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands I’m also a major capital investor in the Caribbean. I have accumulated a large fortune over the millennia. The same old story I made wise investment centuries ago in small companies that are big names today, plus a lot of the ‘junk’ I’ve collected during my undeadtime now fetch small fortunes on their own. But for fun I also run a few small businesses. My pride and joy is a night club in Kingston named The Royal Palace. The name is clearly a tongue in cheek reference to the owner. Of coarse, this and all my interests are fronted by human pawns. This a tactic I use even now after the great revelation. The Royal Palace is the number 1 night club in Jamaica and even if it wasn’t I have large stakes (not a word I like using VuuV) in its four nearest competitors. Yeah a so it go. a so wi do wi ting.

Behold my kingdom! The view from above. It looks much more beautiful when I’m flying over it at night.

Behold my kingdom! The view from above. It looks much more beautiful when I’m flying over it at night.

Who am I?

Where do I begin? Nubia? Egypt? Carthage? Rome? Britannia? Gaul? Hispania? Mauretania? Songhai? Wagadou? Asanteman? The New World? I have lived many lives in many places.

I think I’ll start with a name. I became king of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands shortly after the death of one of my human personae, Tacky, in the late 1700s. You may call me Tacius; Tacius Moreau.

How did I become a vampire? I was a prince of Meroë who was seduced by a priestess who turned out to be a vampire. I was turned against my will. Although I very quickly forgave the trespass and would probably have said yes if asked, I still believe I should have been given the choice; a choice I have afforded all of my own progeny. When my mother (the Candace) threatened to make me meet the sun in order to release me from the demon they believed had possessed me, we fled the city together. Thereafter I followed her across the world, never spending more than a few centuries in any one place, until I arrived here in Jamaica. After being injured in battle by a maroon very learned in vampirology, my human persona died and the opportunity arose whereby I could become the king of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. I took it.

Hello VuuV

Many of you out there in the vampiresphere have been asking me to share more information about myself and my kingdom with you. I hope this blog will satisfy your curiosity. VuuV

modern vampire of the city hunting blood blood blood… you coulda come from Rema, or you come from Jungle, coulda come from Fire House or you come from Tower Hill one blood one blood one blood…
Junior Reid